Animations created by talented storytellers.

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  • Pig

    A big group of animals makes itself dependent on a power grid, hooked onto the socket-shaped snout of a single sleeping pig... How long will that last?


  • Lover Boy's Little Dream

    A quirky love story between Lover Boy and his high school crush, Mimi. When Lover Boy finds out Mimi is interning at the same office, he must overcome his own self-doubt to have a chance with her.

  • Les Petits Pois

    Playful and sensual, sometimes nostalgic, ten women evoke the love of taste and the taste of love.

  • A Wonderful Dream

    A girl, experiences an amazing and wonderful dream, with a special close relative.

  • The Boy Who Portrayed Monsters

    In the twilight of his life, Francisco de Goya reflects on his black paintings in his Quinta on the banks of the Manzanares. Why did I do them?

  • Peat and Patty

    A fun, comedic short story of environmental scientist Patty and, her parrot, Peat striving to complete an experiment that could potentially solve the environmental condition of their world.

  • Momentos

    "Moments" is an artistic short film made using artificial intelligence in which a short tour of human emotions is made in a certain period of existence. During the two minutes it lasts, we will be able to see different types of artistic styles, starting with digital animations and ending with mor...

  • Mitja Lluna I L'estel

    "Mitja Lluna i l'Estel" captivates through a handcrafted short film, blending Al-Andalus' symbolism. Using 2D pencil animations, it unfolds in Granada's Alhambra. A young woman's initiatory journey unfolds against a backdrop of migrating storks, desert scents, and Andalusian winds. Souls and star...

  • La Vida Sonada

    Alberto is trapped in a monotonous life. He falls in love with Mariana, a woman who only exists in his dreams. Medicated and increasingly disappointed with the reality in which he lives in, he decides to escape and live a dreamed life.

  • Habitat

    A man overbard, does not know if he stranded on an island or that he is hallucinating while drowning.

  • Give Me Queen Sugar

    My fan-video, Give Me Queen Sugar, is an animated sit-com about four southern cousins, two country bumpkins and two southern belles, who live and breathe Queen Sugar and cannot accept that the hit series is ending. They decide to stage a play in its honor, and everything goes wrong.

  • Everywhere

    Things that we thought were gone may not truly leave us – perhaps they are still with us somehow. Life is full of ups and downs. Death is a natural part of life. This story inspires us to rethink our life and treasure every moment we have, just like the two inseparable little cats enjoying their ...

  • Ethel

    Young Ethel discovers in the cellar a box with clothes that belonged to her late mother and embarks to unearth memories.

  • Diaphony

    Diaphony is a short animation documentary in which three characters, who apparently have few similarities, take you along in their experience when listening to music that has comforted them during the pandemic.

  • Colchique

    A child, on a heat wave picks flowers in the goal of making a bouquet to put on the grave of his cat. Without the child realizing it, the ghost of the cat follows her on her journey.

  • Chomon El Incoherente

    Short film starring the pioneers of animation and cinema in the Paris of La Belle Époque. The sources of inspiration of Segundo de Chomón from Teruel and his contributions on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

  • BLEH

    In the eyes of a toddler phone-users are like zombies.

  • If You Go...Astray

    Beware and take the path that was told or face what creeps in the night this Treal Toonz animated short.

  • The Sprayer

    In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.
    So many of the people and soldiers do not even know how dose a plant grows or look like, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his cu...

  • Karla's Magic Soil

    An ambitious teen develops special soil samples that makes plants grow rapidly in attempts to help her tree depleted neighborhood and younger brother's severe asthma.

  • Canna Sistaz

    Potheads half-sisters, Fola and Francy can’t make it in LA as actresses, thus when faced with an eviction, they become ‘florists’ and grow a strain that changes the racial divide.

  • Remi

    A telekinetic little boy, named Remi, tries to emotionally bond with his negligent, addict father and ends up following him to a dangerous underhanded drug deal. An extraordinary turn of events shakes up the situation so much it leaves the father stunned and with no other choice but to quit his ...

  • Gangsta Island

    “Gangsta Island” is fully animated dark quirky comedy that brings back the nostalgia that we all loved prior to the social media era: kids playing outside, boomboxes, the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, handwritten letters to love interests, and the grade school bully. It is a shocking, clever, and innova...

  • Quantum Logos

    Going beyond the limitations of classical logic this film uses images as poetry to represent the quantum world. Using cultural icons to create visual metaphors to explore, and discover; to communicate the counterintuitive, and contradictory beauty of quantum physics.

  • Pandemic Punk: The Transmedia Comic Book Experience

    In the not-so-distant eco/solar punk future, vaccines are currency. Man is alive. And there are decisions to be made. A new world order has come about. The dividing lines have shifted, no longer focusing on borders and boundaries. Instead, the concern for many is the deadly XE virus that is gripp...