TV/Web Series

  • Family Ties

    Family Ties is a coming-of-age drama that follows Amber, a young African American woman, preparing for life after high school. She struggles to find a way to chase after her passion while also supporting her family.

  • Sister President | We Are Here | Season 1 - Episode 2

    Written, produced, and starring Nicole J. Butler, best-known for her turn as "She Shed Cheryl" in State Farm's viral commercial, “Sister President” is a comedy about two sisters who find themselves in a complex, unexpected situation with supremely undesirable consequences for failing. Their answe...

  • Chrysalis: L'harcelee

    An action thriller twisting fantasy and reality.

  • New Year, New Us

    "New Year, New Us" is a series following the millennial life and love of newlyweds Bakari and Imani King. Bakari, a record executive on the rise, is laser focused on his career while his wife Imani, a clothing designer who gave up her business for Bakari, is pressuring him to start a family. As t...

  • Ashes

    After Chase, a homeless 6 year old boy, wakes to find his mother is gone, he goes on a desperate search to find her only to end up confiding in a local coffee shop owner who tries to help put all the missing pieces together of why she’s been missing.

  • Family Frist

    Every family has secrets. How do you get past those secrets and hurt to keep Family First?

  • Have A Good Day

    Follow the lives of four strangers as they transition to life in a call center.

  • Opus Travel Art

    Moe the Mos travels to Miami to bring an artistic perspective to the career of hip hop artist Jada Breeze.

  • Trace "Pilot"

    Abby is a detective who is investigating the disappearance of her father. During her investigation, she runs into Luther and gains special abilities that help her slowly learn the truth as to why her father disappeared twenty years ago.

  • The Circle

    A doctor brings a circle of strangers together to tell there personal struggles, life views, experiences.

  • My Life

    Kevin Mitchell is a smart, successful African-American man with a
    wife that he loves and loves him dearly and two beautiful children who adore him. However, there seems to be one problem: Kevin is not living in his complete truth. Kevin secretly is attracted to men, but he is not ready to come ou...

  • Puzzles: Deciphering Life