TV/Web Series

  • Story of Godia

    Hussein lives in his father's house, who used to put the house as a retirement home before he died in a poisoning accident with a number of elderly people with Hussein's daughter who was in the house by chance. Hussein lives in his father's house with his sick son who suffers from a disease that ...

  • Two Degrees

    Carl and Latonya have planned a casual coffee date. Carl arrives early at the establishment where he encounters Hollywood actors Miguel, Vanessa and Tico and from this seemingly benign encounter comes high drama and confrontation with two GEN Z young ladies who fail to give Carl the respect he fe...

  • Hybrid

    After the disappearance of his fiancé, James Hybrid is looking for answers. He is thrown into a world of espionage, secrets, and lies. With his inability to remember, Hybrid will uncover a secret he never wanted to find.

  • 3 Blind Mice

    Naeemah, a young Black woman who was adopted and raised by a Jewish couple in Massachusetts, makes an effort to discover her Black identity by transferring to an Historical Black College in Baltimore. Upon arriving, she meets two young Black women who help guide her during her transition.

    3 Blin...

  • GoodGame

    It takes grinding to be the king. But what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? GoodGame, a charming black male from the hood, uses his book and street smarts to escape poverty and achieve success as a top tech lawyer but must manage his ego, spirituality, and authenticity or...

  • Chief

    Chief is a drama that will be, in the strictest sense, a organize crime procedural set in the drug culture of inner city Chicago. Drug dealers and law enforcement story that exists within the same dialect as other television shows such as The Wire & Boardwalk Empire.

  • Homegirl TV Show

    Homegirl is an episodic, scripted, comedy series intended for television and streaming services. From writer Kashana "Kween Kash" Sarvis, Homegirl follows a group of first generation Caribbean-American friends from New York navigating the approach of middle-age, societal expectations, sexuality, ...

  • Situationships

    When a hopeless romantic and his best friend cross the line from friendship to lovers, he soon realizes he's not in a relationship, he's in a Situationship.

  • Hybrid Film

    After the disappearance of his fiancé, James Hybrid is looking for answers. He is thrown into a world of espionage, secrets, and lies. With his inability to remember, Hybrid will uncover a secret he never wanted to find.

  • Art Of The Hustle

    Ep. 1 Follow Michael Roberson, a college basketball star who goes
    undrafted for his social beliefs. After soliciting financial
    help, he finds himself knee-deep in the underworld of crime,
    where he slowly becomes everything he fought against.

  • Complete Time Travel Guide / Denboran Bidaiatzeko Gida Osoa

    Three friends meet at their usual bar and a severe confinement is declared, one which will force them to stay inside the bar the whole night. But when they smoke in the back part and come back to the bar everything seems to have changed: they have travelled in time!

  • Black Sheep

    In this LGBT series, we follow the lives of three teenagers trying to find their way in this big bad world. These little lost sheep aren't so innocent; their clothing a distraction from their bite.

  • Happy End

    Vlad and Lera are heroes of our time in every sense of the word. For them, the main question is whether you can hold onto your sincerity when you are under constant scrutiny, and when it’s normal to conduct your personal affairs online. They push this logic to the very limit.
    The series depicts t...

  • Psycho

    Oleg is a fancy psychotherapist who has most of Moscow's high society on his waiting list. But he can barely tolerate let alone like his clientele these days. On the eve of his 40th birthday he shares an apartment with his mother and suffers from a middle age crisis, lack of self-respect, drug ad...

  • Chicks

    Chicks is a women-driven dramedy, with a local flavour and a very fresh visual style. The story is about four corner girls from a small town in Russia who decide to change their lives entirely, and to open their own fitness club. The first couple of episodes are quite funny, while we follow the g...

  • The Last Axel

    “The Last Axel” is the last attempt of the skater Katya to make the most difficult jump both on the ice and in her life. After the mysterious death of her abusive father Katya fights her way to join the team of the best coach to compete in the National Championship. Achieving victory there - is a...

  • Night Sweats

    A madam finds her business slowly becoming a human trafficking ring.

  • Family Ties

    Family Ties is a coming-of-age drama that follows Amber, a young African American woman, preparing for life after high school. She struggles to find a way to chase after her passion while also supporting her family.

  • Sister President | We Are Here | Season 1 - Episode 2

    Written, produced, and starring Nicole J. Butler, best-known for her turn as "She Shed Cheryl" in State Farm's viral commercial, “Sister President” is a comedy about two sisters who find themselves in a complex, unexpected situation with supremely undesirable consequences for failing. Their answe...

  • Chrysalis: L'harcelee

    An action thriller twisting fantasy and reality.

  • New Year, New Us

    "New Year, New Us" is a series following the millennial life and love of newlyweds Bakari and Imani King. Bakari, a record executive on the rise, is laser focused on his career while his wife Imani, a clothing designer who gave up her business for Bakari, is pressuring him to start a family. As t...

  • Ashes

    After Chase, a homeless 6 year old boy, wakes to find his mother is gone, he goes on a desperate search to find her only to end up confiding in a local coffee shop owner who tries to help put all the missing pieces together of why she’s been missing.

  • Family Frist

    Every family has secrets. How do you get past those secrets and hurt to keep Family First?

  • Have A Good Day

    Follow the lives of four strangers as they transition to life in a call center.