Afrofuturism - Black Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror.

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  • Melo Me

    Mary, a neuro-tech scientist, has to go into her fiancé’s head to save him.


  • Freeman Hospitality

    A Black family-run security firm escorts a foreign journalist into the war-torn badlands of South Georgia to interview a local tyrant.

  • Möbius Trip

    Jeremy Brandt is an agent on a mission to stop a man with a device containing a button that must not be pushed -- but has been -- resulting in an extensive chase. This leads to an electric struggle, against each other and ultimately for a solution to the greatest challenge anyone can face.

    This ...

  • Lover's Anonymous

    A young romantic is stood up on a date only to find love in an unlikely place.

  • If You Go...Astray

    Beware and take the path that was told or face what creeps in the night this Treal Toonz animated short.

  • Assaman

    Assaman is a cosmic twin love story with the future. A man named Tukki meets a sky-being named Asé. Together, they become suspended in a visual and sonic examination in search of flourishing joy and self-care. What may seem a simple love story quickly expands into a kaleidoscope of introspective,...

  • You'll Always Have Hope

    A woman's birthday surprise is crashed when she begins to suspect her wife is cheating and her daughter may be a psychopath.

  • Delta Lovers

    "Delta Lover" is a gripping short film that delves into the destructive power of intense emotions, particularly jealousy. When a woman is betrayed by her partner, her rage ignites, leading her to cast a spell that sets off a perilous event, threatening to forever change her life. Caught in a web ...

  • BlackBird Comic Book

    Pantheon: The History Of Black Superheroes 2020 Trailer

  • Ships A Comin

    Inspired by Octavia Butler and Zora Neale Hurston, "ships a comin" explores Afrofuturism and contemporary Black issues to examine the African American experience in the past and future.

  • Imprenta

    Imprenta is a short dance film written and directed by Junadry Leocaria. Together with visual artist Richard Kofi and musician Ernest Guiraud Cissé she explores the journeys of her ancestors, reaches out for spiritual connection using movement, music, poetry and symbolism. Finding nothing less th...

  • Cicada

    A young couple goes on a secluded romantic getaway to a cottage that has glowing reviews and ratings online. However, a perfect night quickly turns into a nightmare as they are abducted and probed.

  • Welcome To The Land Of Misfits

    Welcome to the Land of Misfits is a gritty time jump story starring retired NBA superstar Metta World Peace. This sci-fi/superhero/dramedy/fantasy series follows the life of Marcus Kaine, a heavyweight MMA World Champion trying to find his way as a supernatural suited antihero who at times strugg...

  • Drapetomania

    Wandering through the ruins of the European Project, a couple tries to find their way out. With their quest for freedom they rapture the timeline and disrupt reality.

  • Dignity Pride

    Dignity & Pride explores the gestural languages that were born in African American communities during the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Transcend

    As a scientist convinces millions his therapy will heal the world crisis. As time expires a woman desires to experience a romance she will never remember.

  • The Unconscious And The Reflective Nemesis

    The Unconscious and the Reflective Nemesis is a film that explores the ramifications of repressed trauma. Frederick, the film's main character, has been tormented by a childhood of neglect and violence. Now in adulthood, he is haunted by these experiences. Unable to cope, he explores psychoanalys...

  • Duplicate

    A supernatural ex-agent, Skye Simmons, rejoins her agency, C.H.A.O.S. (Central Hierarchy Association of Superheroes) in hopes to find her brother after a disappearance on mission 3 years prior only to find out a disturbing truth in the process.

  • Soaring Clouds

    Family portrait. Mother, adult son, daughter. The son, as promised a long time ago, finally got to his mother. But whether they can talk is unknown.

  • Obituary of Jasper James

    Join Jasper at the cemetery. His home in the city has been lost and a mausoleum in the graveyard will be his new apartment. His book of poetry is on sale and Tatyana is coming for a visit.

  • Dark

    A homeless woman breaks in to what she thinks is an abandoned bar in hopes to get a good nights rest. After being confronted by the owner she soon learns her stumbling in to that bar was no accident and she's been chosen bt a higher power to do deaths dirty work.

  • K.A.R.E.N.

    After a traumatic experience involving law enforcement, a young man becomes obsessed with finding the woman who made the 911 call and others like her. He and his friend embark on a quest that uncovers a conspiracy completely out of this world.

  • Heartland

    A woman attempts to immortalize her dying grandfather using virtual reality technology, but her obsession with documenting drives a wedge between them.

  • ReUp

    Brent Bartley, a former black ops agent is hired to protect a prized scientist. He compromises his objective when he falls in love with her and breaks his cardinal rule. Business is never personal.

    Blindsided, he's betrayed by friend and team member Solomon Chiang and loses more than his reputat...

  • 10 Years in 40 Seconds

    Three kids must adapt quickly and leave childish things behind to survive, when a zombie apocalypse makes its way to Atlanta.

    In this coming of age, zombie film, pre-teens Yaya, Jared and Dre begin their day slanging water on the corner before running into Gordy, their friendly neighborhood junk...