Videopalooza - Youth Filmmakers

Videopalooza - Youth Filmmakers

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Videopalooza - Youth Filmmakers
  • It's Called Revenge

    After Annie dies in an "accident," her friends decide to bury her body to hide the evidence.

    Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...


  • Hackers: The Misfit Superheroes

    A professional hacker who has worked both legally and illegally gives his input in regard to the public's negative sentiment toward hackers, discussing their overlooked track record for valiant achievements in advancing the public good.

  • Rita

    An introverted teenager named Erwin meets Rita, a free spirited actress. Just as their quirky relationship starts to bring him out of his shell, Erwin realizes that Rita is not the person she appears to be.

  • Midnight

    A short drama film about a family's daughter being kidnapped by a racist father.

  • The Party

    A teenager struggles with his anxiety when he is forced to make a big decision.

  • Forte

    A teenager named Lee becomes obsessed with composing his own classical piano piece. One day a friend dares him to do something unsettling, and Lee becomes affected by an urban legend.

  • The Two Of Us

    Unknown circumstances have caused a loss of the world's society and its people. Aaron and Mina find themselves in an adventure together after being stranded alone as the last people on Earth. While Mina's attitude is to protect her friend Aaron and all costs from the stressors and anxieties of su...