Short Films

  • The Final Tour

    In the summer 1960, Milton Davis and his quartet hit the road on a European tour. At the time the band leaders of the group, Milton D. and "Catfish" Evans, were engaged in a contentious relationship held together only by their mutual love for "the music". Agreeing that it is time for the two to g...

  • Twisted Female Bodies

    This documentary focuses on the depiction of women in the media and society. The question driving this film is, "Should the media and society stop portraying the idea of a perfect woman?" Jakyrah Harris, a student documentarian, came up with this question because as a woman she has noticed that t...

  • A Travers

    Louise is in her seventh month of pregnancy, but will have to terminate it for medical reasons. In the hospital, together with her husband Pierre, they will struggle to survive this ordeal. How to mourn a child they will not have? How to share these last hours with this child and accompany him fo...

  • Bien Parecidas

    Maria allows Cecilia to dye her hair while waiting for Agustin's rehabilitation therapy to conclude. This simple fact will change the way both mother and daughter see their relationship and will help them withstand this difficult moment they're both living.

  • Derriere La Nuit

    Julia is a photographer like no other. At night, in the heart of the forest, she brings together members of the same family: the living and the spirits of the dead.

  • Far Away

    On the days when the darkness covers the city, Sahand needs a photo to complete his photo collection. He meets his lover in a part of Iran's dark history, but history is repeating itself.

  • Frey

    Where is Johanna Frey? Separated from her family and sold into indentured labor, young Luisa embarks on a search for her sister. But soon two gendarmes encounter a dead body. And while the gendarmes try to uncover the motives, Luisa sets out on a journey between revenge and redemption.

  • Juste Avant

    Time stands still just before a terrible car accident. The two motorists get out and see, frightened, the drama that will take place in a fraction of a second. A surreal negotiation follows between a stressed family man and a glib misfit.

  • La Explosion

    José Luis has read a fake on the Internet and decides to gather the whole town to see an "explosion" of household appliances.

  • Like A Dog

    A young lonely man lives in a city on the outskirts of Tehran and is interested in helping stray and injured dogs. He meets a young woman who has fled to this city. She has a secret in her life that takes the relationship between them to a different direction.

  • Meeting Of The Big Four

    While giving a presentation about his computer company Tim Myrick meets a man who knew his father from the past.

  • Solo Un Ensayo

    Two sisters, seven and eleven years old, are hiding inside a closet in a house. The little sister thinks they are rehearsing for a game but the older one knows that a terrible threat lurks outside.

  • La Cour Des Grands

    At the Victor Hugo High School, French teacher Leila Al Bachir has called a disciplinary hearing for one of her students: Simon Petit. In her quest to find a fair sanction for Simon, she realizes her workplace is in serious trouble.

  • Headless

    Most people in this world are headless. DuSeong is a police officer; one of the few that still have a head. He takes on a sexual assault case, where both the perpetrator and the victim lose their heads. One day, he discovers his daughter has also become headless, and is faced with a choice.

  • Hawawshi

    Frida is taking her friend to an Egyptian fast food place in NYC. At the restaurant, she witnesses a white guy sexually harassing a latin girl. She confronts the guy and tries to help the girl, but no one is confirming what she says. The latin girl escapes the scene when she hears that the polic...

  • Entirety One's Fulfillment

    An extremely poor, bright child receives a school task to present a kandil (Lantern), but faces a financial obstacle. Unbeknownst to him, his mother's creative approach helps him overcome the challenge.

  • A Visit

    Her job is a visiting nurse. She performs her duties with uncomfortable first meeting with customers and anxious eyes. The situation is gradually tightening her thoughts and anxiety turns into fear.

  • Mood

    Mood highlights mental health and its issues. A young lady with dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder struggles with herself.

  • Choco-Ache

    When a die-hard chocoholic suffers from a bothersome toothache, she faces a tough decision between her health and chocolate. While learning the hard way to break old habits, will she be able to break free from her addiction?

  • Liminality

    Matthew Caudwell finds himself trapped in a labyrinth of never ending hallways. As he walks, Matthew finds there is a shadowy figure that is following him. He rushes through the maze of infinite hallways in a desperate attempt to get out. Only when Matthew gives up hope and accepts this place, is...

  • Last Hand

    Consumed by his weakness, a gambling addict loses everything he has. Even then, he still finds it impossible to give up his addiction.

  • Boogie

    A kid is duped into summoning dancing ghosts that want to wreak havoc on his high-school dance.

  • Forbidden Love

    Devonte and Senamika are an interracial couple who have their love challenged due to cultural and racial differences.

  • Never Silly

    A young woman hides in an empty classroom away from classmates, teachers, and friends. She is at the end of her rope and she makes a dramatic decision. When another distraught student storms in looking for a place to hide, their relationship will teach them something important about themselves a...