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Music Videos
  • Locked Up

    This is a song / music video about stumbling around in these frightening and crazy times. It's about feeling Locked Up ... in a Strange World.


  • Straight Into the Ocean

    Straight Into The Ocean - A Music Video by Allen Ling
    Nov 19, 2020

    This visual and audio work is about heartbreak, closure, friendship and tragedy. We follow the journey of lovers, and witness two very different outcomes.

    Completed in 2020, the original song and visual story is loosely based on...

  • WAP

    The song WAP, which stands for Women as Prophets, was brought to life as a way of inspiring young women to view themselves in the light of God, and for young men to see women as vessels from the Lord that we should respect and protect. They are made in His image and shouldn’t have to follow the s...

  • Rainie Yang - Like A Star

    "Like a Star" is the theme song of singer Rainie Yang's 20th anniversary concert. The film gathers the essence of Rainie Yang's 20 years of acting life. She emerged from the talent show 20 years ago and got the ticket to enter the showbiz. Whether it is hosting, singing or acting, she can't be bo...

  • Hebe Tien One, After Another

    The story of "One, after another" describes the little people in Taiwanese society who have tried their best to survive but still fall into despair. They turn their lives by changing their minds. This work is based on the Zoetrope, and uses the persistence of vision to quickly rotate the phantom ...

  • Tribe

    Singer, rapper, and poet, Akilah Divine sends a wake up call with the performance of her single "TRIBE."

  • Black Sea

    Original music and archival footage an still images focus on police brutality and the denial of civil rights of Black people in America.

  • Black Man

    Directed, edited, and produced by Brennan Williams (aka Will Coloan), producer and founder of Coloan Records, "BLACK MAN" features imagery of more than 100 influential Black men from around the globe.

    The stunning, empowering visual experience visually spans America’s turbulent history, from the...

  • Straight Into the Ocean - Trailer

    This visual and audio work is about heartbreak, closure, friendship and tragedy. We follow the journey of lovers, and witness two very different outcomes.

    Completed in 2020, the original song and visual story is loosely based on real life events.

    Starring Aramis Knight, Beteal Sharon Mahari, An...

  • Dedication - Jahan Nostra featuring Tahmell & Reks

    A young emcee discovers his passion for music in the 1990's, and he remains dedicated to his craft even though some of his friends take separate paths.

  • May

    In the midst of our seemingly routine daily lives, such as traveling on city trains to our destination we at times momentarily see people or hear sounds that nostalgically transports us to other times of our lives.

    There is a saying that, “The past is not past.”

  • Dua Dua - Khayalan Cinta (Love's Fantasy)

    There aren’t many things in life as honest and authentic as our memories of young love and how we grow from the experience.

    The song Khayalan Cinta is light & ethereal coming-of-age love story about a girl in the throes of romance in her teenage years. Catching a glimpse of love at first sight; ...

  • Dancing in My Sadness

    A dark hip-hop song and its animated music video that tells the common story of a traffic stop going downhill, involving a young Black man and a White police officer.

  • 2Meka Diaz B.M.S

    2Meka Diaz B.M.S Music Video

  • anpu - ZOEA

    Mitten crabs have long been viewed as an environmental index for assessing the ecological state of rivers and streams in Taiwan.
    The species has a unique spawning migration pattern, the species has seen a gradual decline in population over the past few decades,
    mainly attributed to overharvesting...

  • Two in the Morning featuring Hulon

    A couple struggles to stay close together and argues over the simplest of things. But at 2 a.m. in the morning, it is love and understanding that brings them back in each others arms again.

  • I Can

    Blayza comes across children being exploited in an alleyway of his home town. He convinces the young street fighter to re-channel his anger and misguided behavior into the ring instead of the streets. It becomes a lifelong change that alters the child's life for the better. The film ends with him...

  • Tsoy Is Dead!

    Nine-year old Kim lives in North Korea. Surrounded by a totalitarian regime every day is the same - until the moment when Viktor Tsoy’s rock concert interferes with the usual TV Signal. Kim is shocked by what he sees and becomes obsessed by the rock star, trying to move and dance like him. Kim is...

  • Lover I Surrender - THE BLACK SORROWS

    Music video for The Black Sorrows.

  • Everything Here - The Stuffers

    This is the official music video for “Everything Here”, the title track off of the sophomore album by Gulf Coast Soul band, The Suffers.

  • Moving On: Be Brave Enough to Walk Alone

    Moving On is an artistic visualization of an emotional tearing apart of two people that stitched themselves together, but were never truly whole apart. Music by the brilliant Samoht.

  • Get Up | Dividing Face

    Music video for the band "Dividing Face" single "Get Up" from their EP "Starting Over."

  • This Land Is Your Land - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Cover | #Vote2020

    Atlanta, GA General Election 2020 Get Out The Vote. Let all people know this land is your land featuring Luna Searles, an independent music artist in Atlanta, Georgia. Progressive Democrats of America Greater Atlanta Chapter partnered with Luna for a GOTV music video and tour on Tues., Nov. 3, 2020.