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  • Football for Community

    After Saleha takes part in "Football without borders" she finds a new path in her life.

  • Nature Made Multivitamins

    Inspired by American Psycho, Joe Goldman religiously follows Patrick Bateman's morning routine to perfect himself in every way possible but forgets to take his multivitamins.

  • Discord - “Your Place to Talk”

    The commercial follows the story of Chris, a lonely gamer boy who feels like an outsider and doesn’t belong anywhere. The commercial opens up with Chris coming back home from school with visible pain on his face. Once Chris enters his room, he turns on his PC and launches Discord. As soon as it l...

  • Believe In Wonders

    The goal was to associate Rinascente with a world where you can be surprised by wonder, living magical and unique experiences.
    The Brand becomes an entertainer, and thanks to its products even decorating the Christmas tree can become wonderful.

  • Rename Sq--w Valley

    Public Service Announcement - Rename Sq**w Valley

  • Pianocide

    A crook try to sell a crappy piano to some lady.

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Play Your Way

    Barbarian commercial.

  • Ebern

    Beginning a new life in Dubai:
    3 storyline add up in one commercial.
    A man arrives at the airport in Dubai, is meeting people for business & leisure. Another younger man is working at his laptop. A woman is enjoying Dubai with her friends.
    The first man receives an invitation to a party, where th...

  • Texas Heat

    A crazed hot sauce enthusiast with a knack for being places he shouldn't be "J.Don't Belong" will stop at nothing to promote The TEXAS HEAT hot sauce. No matter the time, place, or THE CONSEQUENCES!!

  • Bin Boy

    Through a light-hearted yet powerful film, Bin Boy brings the responsibility of waste segregation to everyone’s doorsteps, literally. The film revolves around a young boy who takes a stand, by sitting in his trash-filled dustbin.
    His unique protest garners a lot of attention, with everyone from t...

  • Victoria’s Secret

    Love, Murder and Mayhem are in the air in Viva Las Vegas. Jackson Myles, a multimillionaire record label owner, finds himself in love with a beautiful con woman and aspiring singer, Victoria. Everything turns for the worst when Jackson’s long time friend , Dre, comes into town planning to bring d...

  • Detangling The South: New Orleans

    Our Detangled team went on the road for our latest series supporting Citizen SHE United's effort to mobilize Black Women in the South entitled: Road To 300K: Detangling The South! From Leah Chase's kitchen in New Orleans to 16th Street Baptist Church, Ballard House and Kelly Ingram Park in Birmin...

  • Moonflake: Space For Imagination

    Moonflake video note of intent that shows how this creative collective can tell any story using their skills and imagination.

  • The Pink Locket

    The making of jewelry.

  • The Heights

    The Jackson’s family life of wealth, tragedy and acknowledgment

  • P.E.N.S.: A Picture In Time

    There is a cultural tide rising in Houston. Amid the city's museums, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife exists a cache of the nation's most prolific spoken word artists. The community of poets is as diverse as the city it represents. Their words are etched in the very fabric of H-town. The...

  • We Hold These Truths To Be

    Civil rights are an essential component of democracy. They're guarantees of equal social opportunities and protection under the law, regardless of race or religion. But if they are truly for everyone, why have so many been stripped of theirs.

  • Beats by Dr. Dre Presents "You Love Me"

    “You love Black culture, but do you love me?” Directed by Melina Matsoukas. Starring Naomi Osaka, Lil Baby, Bubba Wallace, and Janaya Khan. Narrated by Tobe Nwigwe,

  • Resilient

    My scars tell me that I have survived it over and over.
    My scars tell me that I am alive.

  • Final Moments

    "Final Moments" is a 30-second Public Service Announcement about the importance of wearing masks in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

  • USLP Shower

    ‘Save water’ is the backbone of this film which harps on the rural-urban divide in India. One day the villagers discover a shower cubicle on a deserted barren land of Rajasthan. Immediately the word spreads in the entire village and the villagers gather in-front of the cubicle to drink and store ...

  • #ChangeYourFrame | We Run With Maud

    We run with Ahmaud Arbery.

  • Ladybug

    Film is public service announcement project. The main message of "Ladybug" to say to entire world that autism is not illness.

  • Reflection

    A small girl is dancing and it's her way to find out herself, make friends and mature.